Research takes forever.

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Having a maker business can be overwhelming, especially when there are *legal* things you don't know about yet.

This checklist will give you the knowledge and guidance to make legally safer products so you can:

  • Increase Sales
  • Keep your customers safe
  • Keep your business (and family) safe

notebook on white wood board table w/hand writing "my plan"

This checklist will help you

  • Put together a product that is COMPLIANT with US federal requirements
  • Improve your current products to position yourself as a PROFESSIONAL
  • Talk to your CUSTOMERS about how you keep their safety first.

Misty, the face behind the checklist

Who am I to help you?

Hi there! I'm Misty, a product safety expert helping makers, like you, build their passions.

I've helped well over 45,000 makers, importers, designers, and component sellers meet the requirements for US (& Canadian) product safety laws and I'm here to help you, too.

Product safety doesn't have to be scary and overwhelming, and you don't have to do it alone. I've created this checklist to teach you about the process so you never have to feel alone on this journey.

What do these laws cover?